Project Description

This project was part of a larger addition we did for the client. Part if that addition was to create a home theater for their own use. It would be utilized for movies, sporting events and games. It was to be a refuge for both the adults as well as the two boys and one girl. The clients’ goals were not only to create a theater but to also incorporate the effect of watching the movies or events “under the stars”. As such he wanted to create a “window looking out at the planets and the stars” and to also have the same effect on the ceiling.

The first thing we had to do was work with the media professional to determine the size and the height of the space. We determined 10 foot ceilings would be a minimum and 22’ length for the room. We were restricted on width due to the side set-backs of the overall addition. We then determined the sound deadening requirements of the room. We used sound boards on the walls and floors to accomplish this goal. Also, the use of the correct carpet was important as well. We also ran all the electric as required by the media company and worked with them closely to schedule and assist in the installation of equipment, screens, black out screens and other requirements.

We framed in a window niche on the side wall to create the “window to the stars”.  A rectangular panel was built by the media company, which was inserted into the niche. The ceiling affect was created by building an octagonal panel which was suspended from the ceiling. An artist painstakingly painted the stars and panels on both panels. After it was painted hundreds of tiny “hair like” fiber optic strands with LED lights were painstakingly inserted into the panels. These lights would blink on and off in a random pattern to simulate the twinkling of the stars. The window panel was placed inside the niche. Indirect “LED rope lighting was installed at the bottom of the panel. We then installed a protective layer of glass spaced properly so as not to crush the LED fibers. Then we installed casing around that in such a manner that if they have to service the lights, they can remove the casing and the glass to get to the fiber optic LED lights. The octagon ceiling panel was installed to the ceiling. Once it was installed we trimmed the outside edge in a wooden valence so LED rope lighting could be hidden inside the valence. The owner picked out his rocking chair seats and accessories (popcorn stand and signage) for the final touches. As you can see from the final pictures the effect is stunning. Once the sconce lights are dimmed, the movie and/or game can be looked at “under the stars”.