First Concept First:  We Don’t Bid Jobs.

Building is MORE than just bricks and sticks…


These relationships are built on old-fashioned values of Integrity, Trust & Respect.

Creating a realistic, attainable budget takes anywhere from 20-50 hours!  That is a non-recoverable cost for the contractor to incur if he is not working with serious clients who want his services.  Can you imagine what your Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer, Architect or any other professional would charge you for that much time?  A professional, certified, credentialed contractor with many years of education and experience is no less a professional than those mentioned above.  So, why do you feel he/she should give you a free estimate?

This is why at Emerald Contractors, we are not interested in bidding against 3 or 4 other contractors where the low bid rules.  Rather, we are interested in a client-friendly process where we collaborate with the client, designer, engineer, trade contractors and suppliers to develop a project where everybody wins, and we meet or exceed your expectations.  As a design/build contractor, we can handle your project in its entirety under one umbrella.  We work closely with professional designers, architects, and engineers to create the conceptual architectural plans needed for preliminary estimating all the way through to permit/construction-ready, engineered, sealed architectural blue prints.  We can also help you with financing should you need it.

Your initial call allows us to interact on the phone.  We will discuss the reasons, problems, issues and concerns, basic design, and idea parameters as well as the general theme of your proposed project.  We try to quantify budget parameters (when we can).  We determine whether we are a good fit for each other and if we can be of help to you.  If so, an in-person meeting date is then scheduled.

Prior to the first consultation meeting, we send out a package about our company.  We also give you a homework assignment.

The Emerald Way

At Emerald Contractors, we have developed a business method that we believe is second to none.  Not only does it create an ultimately better product, it also provides a smooth process with highly effective communication and timely results.  Below describes that process:

(click on each topic for more information and sample attachments)

You are asked to provide the following if you can (and when it is applicable):

  • A sketch of what you want to do
  • An up-to-date survey
  • Your legal description (if no survey)
  • Your Wish List — This is really three lists:
    • Your needs list
    • Your wants list
    • If money were no object – your dream list

Our first step is to meet with you and thoroughly discuss all the important aspects of your project.  The goal of the first meeting is to get a feel for your project, see if we are a good fit for each other, determine your expectations and how best to meet them, then determine your budget comfort zone and decide if we wish to go forward with the design and estimating process.  We may do some basic floor plan sketches, outlining necessary dimensions and other technical data.  We’ll ask lots of questions and try to give you some budget parameters, so you may determine if you want to take the next step, which is the Design/Estimating Agreement.

If we find that we are a good fit, the next step will be to enter into the Phase One part of the Design/Estimating Agreement (see sample to the right in “Documents”).  We will ask for a retainer for the first phase of the process.  Because we are embarking on a very time consuming and costly process, we ask that you commit to using us as your contractor at this phase.  We might have several meetings, bring the project manager, trade contractors and suppliers over, develop “as built” drawings and create the preliminary design and a preliminary estimate.  This estimate will usually have cost parameters of all the options we may have discussed in our previous meeting.  Our preliminary cost estimate will be accurate to within a +/– 10% factor and will validate your desire to do your project(s).  Once validated, we can then proceed with the complete design/cost/build process knowing that a successful project is insured.

Subsequent meetings are then set up where we bring in all our professional resources and develop a complete and very accurate set of building plans, specifications and documents necessary for your project’s success.  The time we spend “up front” communicating, planning and estimating is designed to instill a high level of comfort and confidence in each other.

We won’t be the lowest price contractor.  Our meticulous attention to detail almost ensures that on a scale of 1 to 10 in price, we’ll be around 7 or 8.  That’s not because we’re high bidders, it’s because we rarely miss anything and thus avoid costly change orders.

If you want more than “bricks and sticks,” you won’t find anyone who will work as hard to make your project a success as Emerald Contractors!

What Really Happens During a Remodel

Having your home remodeled is uniquely different from building a new home.  With remodeling, your home is the worksite.  You work and live side by side in the construction site.  Your routine will have to be adjusted to make your dreams a reality.  Your living space will most likely be more cramped, as living zones are cordoned off.  This is especially true in kitchen and bath remodels.  There is no sure-fire way to prepare for this intrusion, other than to know it is coming.  Even though we try to maintain a steady pace until completion, there will be delays, both known, and unknown.  We interact with you all the way; informing you of details, changes and better ways to accomplish our mutual goals.  A successful remodeling project will depend on the communication between our management staff, our subcontractors/suppliers and you.

Managing a job site is a skill just like carpentry or other specialties.  You may find it a mystery how the myriad of literally thousands of components intertwine to successful completion.  In the beginning, progress appears to go fast.  During demolition, masonry and framing, drastic changes take place.  Then when the drywall is hung and finished, things become subtler.  Trim work is agonizingly slow.  Cabinetry, tile and countertops create lapses in scheduling.  As the project moves closer to completion, progress will seem to slow, while costs may seem to go up.  There is a myriad of little details (such as mirrors, shelving, locks, final grade, accessories, etc.), which need to be completed to create that final finished project.  Consistent and open communication between our staff, trade contractors and you will enhance your understanding of the process, remove the fear, provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and help make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.

Finally, expect to be pleased.  You’ll find that our well-planned, well-executed remodeling process will make you smile for years to come.  Our sole objective is to meet and exceed your expectations, so that you can recommend us to your friends or use us on your next remodel.  What better way is there to remodel?