Emerald Contractors is one the few builders in the area to have earned a Certified Green Professional Designation (CGP) from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

In order to achieve this certification, Emerald Contractors participated in rigorous training sessions covering topics such as how green homes provide buyers with lower energy costs and higher value, as well as strategies for incorporating green-building principles into homes without increasing the cost of construction.  This intense level of training helps Emerald Contractors to consistently bring fresh ideas to clients who desire incorporating green techniques into their home remodeling.

As so many are becoming passionate about preserving the environment, Emerald Contractors is proud to specialize in green remodeling.  Green remodeling can make your home healthier, provide lower maintenance solutions & costs, reduce your energy consumption and incorporate the use of sustainable materials.

Green Building means something different to each client.  It is not a “one shoe fits all”.  So, we take our time determining which products are the best for you.

Think Green

We utilize environmentally friendly considerations in the following three ways:

  • Design considerations
  • Products & materials used
  • Construction methods

In home remodeling we also consider the following:

  • Home Energy Performance
  • Health Considerations
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Sustainability & Durability

Energy-efficient appliances, solar energy, reused building materials and chemical-free materials are a few of the options that Emerald Contractors can educate clients about.