Project Description

Our clients came to us with the desire for a whole house remodel for a growing family.  They had one daughter and were expecting twins.  They bought a house which had sat empty for many years and suffered from a lot of deferred maintenance.  One of the issues was the kitchen.  It was cramped, outdated and could not function properly for the growing family.  The view of the family room from the kitchen was restricted.  Anybody cooking in the kitchen was shut off from the rest of the family.  There was little prep space.

The owner’s desires were:

  1. Open the kitchen up to the family room.
  2. Fill in the pass-through from the kitchen to the dining room so the dining room could be converted to an office.
  3. Wood cabinets that would be timeless.
  4. Granite countertops.
  5. Modern appliances and a wine cooler (she had to have her wine).


There were several obstacles encountered in this job:

  1. One obstacle was the precise measuring that had to be done to get the center of the hood straight.  This was complicated by the original hood ducting being run through the master bathroom above.
  2. The owner changed her mind about the location of the wine cooler after the initial installation of the hood ducting and electrical.  The ducting and electrical had to be changed after it was already installed once.  This affected the cabinet drawers, which had to be shortened to accommodate the 220 wiring for the range top.
  3. The island dimensions had to be changed from the original design to provide for the proper walking clearances between it and the pantry cabinet and the entrance for the living room.
  4. The owner wanted a certain coloring for the hardwood floor stain.  The flooring company originally wanted to do the staining after the cabinets went in.  We saw this as a recipe for damaging the cabinets and made them do it before the cabinets went in.  This required us to be vigilant about covering the floors for the duration of the project.


The craftsmanship is exquisite.  Functionally, the kitchen does everything the clients wanted it to do.  Aesthetically, the kitchen is gorgeous and a great focal point of the home.  Our clients are ecstatic with the results.  The look, feel, beauty and practicality of their choices are everything they wanted.