Even a small bathroom makeover can be a major expense. It’s understandable that everyone looks for the best use of their dollars and the urge to cut costs when possible. Function is always the number 1 priority in a bathroom remodel. Ultimately, you must be able to easily and conveniently use the space and features within it. However, the bathroom should also be an appealing place to go. This being said, when remodeling a bathroom give yourself permission to pick a splurge item. A splurge can be the one feature you love that will define the look and feel of your new bathroom — a high-end plumbing fixture in the shower or sink, a unique sink, a special-order vanity top, a “to die for” décor tile or even a heated towel rack. Any of these features can create the WOW factor for any size bathroom remodel. Also, paying a little extra for plumbing fixtures will always reward you in the future; don’t compromise quality. Cheaper fixtures don’t last as long and when they fail they can be difficult to find parts for and/or replace. (p.s. if ordering on the internet, ensure the fixtures meeting local plumbing codes and/or ADA standards).