My personal history of orthopedic challenges gives me a special insight into the needs of those needing accessible /adaptable design and construction for their home. I know first hand what it is like to be on a walker, crutches & cane and what it takes to rehabilitate from an unforeseen accident or injury. Whether are planned or unplanned, the upheaval and adjustments to one’s life is huge.

Over 13 years ago, I built my current home and office to be barrier free. There are no steps, the doors are all 36” wide, the shower is curbless with blocking for future grab bars, there are wheelchair turn around radii in my home plus many other features. Most recently, I have been recovering from a hip revision surgery from a hip replacement I had over 20 years ago. The rehab process is a long process. However, having a home and office without barriers has been one thing I have not had to worry about or be inconvenienced by.

So, when it comes to having your home designed and remodeled for accessibility, adaptability or aging-in-place, we at Emerald have a unique perspective other remodelers don’t have.