When choosing your contractor, ask if they hold a Pre-Construction Meeting

Understand that construction is a process that links together the project scope, budget and schedule. In order for the project to be successful the owner’s vision of the project must be also be clearly communicated to all our team members (subcontractors) prior to the start of the project. The team members must understand their roles and responsibilities and the operating procedures that will be necessary for project execution. Issues regarding communication, coordination and scheduling need to be fully discussed prior to the initiation of any construction project. This is best done during a pre-construction meeting with all our subcontractors.

The purpose of this meeting is to walk through the project with the subcontractors involved in the process. There are many issues that arise during a construction project. The sooner we are able to identify them and the approach that will be used to handle them, the smoother the project will be. The purpose is to identify any conflicts in the budget, the schedule, to identify long lead items, and to understand what items need to be in place and what activities are dependent on them.

In addition to my meeting with our subcontractors, I will sit with you, my client a short time before building starts and run through your selections and specifications, the schedule and scope, and all the small details (dumpster and port-a-potty placement, etc.). Without a common understanding and agreement on these, anything gone awry could turn your excitement into irritability. We want your remodeling experience to be a good one!

A before and after of a bathroom remodel; great preplanning made this project effortless.